CNC Laser Cutting

cnc-laser-cuttingW & M ‘s laser cutting service provides a fast, flexible and economical means of precision sheet metal cutting and plate profiling.

W & M’ s 4KW Mitsubishi CNC Laser Cutting System offers supreme flexibility, handling profiles from the simplest of components to shapes of almost limitless complexity – it is suitable for both prototype samples and mass production. This ability to laser cut complex profiles can eliminate the need for additional operations. The narrow laser cut width, zero clamping strip and computer-assisted part nesting allows maximum material utilization. Coupled with short lead times and zero tooling costs, laser cutting is a highly attractive and economical means of profiling sheet metal and plate. Our Mitsubishi laser is capable of cutting 60” x 120” sheets up to 1” In mild steel and also other materials such as stainless steel & aluminum alloy.